[IRCNews] An ARRL Survey that's timely with the IRC "Get on the Air" Survey

DAVID MICHAELS dw_michaels at comcast.net
Tue May 21 21:05:01 CDT 2019

Hello All:
Echo from Hamvention…Checklist for Ham Radio Club Activities

The 2019 Hamvention provided a mobile app with the usual event calendar, vender list, maps….and one interesting hyperlink to an online ARRL survey: “Ham Radio Club Health Check”. The survey lists 21 activities and asks how many of these “your” local club  already does. 

The 21 activities define the mission and values of a ham radio club. I think the survey is worth thinking about  and comes timely on the heels of our IRC “Get on the Air” Survey.  I think the two surveys complement each other as we discuss ideas and plan our clubs’ identity and future.

Here is a hyperlink to the Hamvention mobile app for Apple and Android devices as well as a version for web browsers:   https://hamvention.org/mobile-event-app-will-help-navigate-hamvention/.  The directions to various links are given in the last paragraph of the screen page. You will have to create an account before accessing the online survey.

If you want to just see the ARRL survey and not participate in the online survey; here is a pdf copy”


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