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Pretty sure you saw this from Jimmy Merry, but apparently Zoom does have security issues and he's seem to be recommending not to use it, but to use other alternatives (he lists them below). Pretty interesting.

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Good day,
Zoom has been very popular, although there have been some news stories of privacy issues with Zoom. 
Possibly there are some other options for the club to consider, including at the end of the message, couple of free options, including one for club use from QRZ.

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  A quick search on Zoom and privacy gave these results
"...As a result, the Florida resident stated that he and other users have been left 'vulnerable to voter fraud, medical fraud, phishing and other identity-based harms. But most importantly the ability to de-anonymize and analyze user data allows parties to personally and psychologically target Zoom customers with great precision....'
 "...Zoom Calls Aren't as Private as You May Think..."
 "... Could your instant messages and videos be used to target advertising campaigns or develop a facial recognition algorithm, like videos collected by other tech companies? That's probably not what people are expecting when they contact a therapist, hold a business meeting, or have a job interview using Zoom. ..."
     ",,,Zoom's software reported to Facebook whenever a Zoom user logged on for a conference call, a lawsuit filed Monday stated. After a user logged on, Zoom gave Facebook the person's customer information, including what device a person used to access Zoom, the device's model and the device's unique advertising identifier.
     "The unique advertising identifier allows companies to target the user with advertisements," the lawsuit states. "This information is sent to Facebook by Zoom regardless of whether the user has an account with Facebook."",,,"
 Note the advisory from Firefox on the Zoom plugin:
     Preview of Zoom Scheduler
     Zoom Scheduler by Zoom
     Recommended, support FireFox 45+.
     The Zoom Firefox Extension allows participants to schedule Zoom cloud meetings directly from Google Calendar. you can start an instant meeting or schedule a future meeting via a button.
     This is not monitored for security through Mozilla's Recommended Extensions program. Make sure you trust it before installing.Learn more
 Webex  might be another free alternative
     Free features 
     Up to 100 participants in each meeting
     (Up from 50)
     Meet as long as you want
     (Up from 40 min limit)
     Call-in for audio
     (in addition to existing VoIP capabilities)
     Unlimited number of meetings
     Desktop, application, file & whiteboard sharing options
     Video conferencing features
     Webex Teams collaboration features
     Mobile features
     Security features
     Online support
 Here's another option, free for Club use:
 On 04/10/2020 11:11 PM, David Spoelstra wrote:
 We had a peak of 43 people online! Kermit did a great presentation and covered a wide range of topics. 
  As I mentioned, watch for news about the next meeting in about 2-3 weeks. 
  73, -David, N9KT 
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