Ken Bandy, KJ9B ken.kj9b at gmail.com
Tue May 7 18:48:05 CDT 2019

To all interested in Amateur Radio and related areas:  Don't miss the next
meeting of the Indianapolis Radio Club, this coming Friday, May 10, at
7:30 pm.  There will be an informal social time prior to the meeting,
starting around 7:00.

The meeting is in IVY Tech Building IFC - Illinois Fall Creek Center, 2535
N. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208, room 102.  (See map at

At this month's meeting, Norm Dingle, W9IFW will be having a presentation on
Radio Astronomy with small satellite dishes. ( using a modified DirecTV
receiver and dish )
Also, prior to Norm's presentation, Jeff Hammer, N9NIC, will be talking
about this year's Indy Radio Club Field Day plans.  Jeff will have the
latest on Field Day plans, as well as looking for some folks to fill some
key positions to support Field Day.  This promises to be a good Field Day
site with lots of public exposure.

Hope to see everyone there!

Ken, KJ9B

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